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Frequently Asked Questions


Do our purposes match with those of the EC charity so that we are entitled to apply?

All UK registered charities may apply


Do you have a set format for applications?

No. Please contact us, setting out who you are, what you do, and the funding for which you are applying. If the funding is for a particular aspect of your charitable work, or for a specific project, just let us know. Please be aware that we now only accept applications by email, not by post


Can we apply by email?

Email is the right way to apply, thank you. You may include attachments if you wish. We do not accept applications by post


Should we send accounts?

Please don't send us your accounts, there's no need


Do you consider core funding?

Yes, we do


How often do the trustees meet and when?

The trustees meet annually generally in the Autumn, so you should lodge your appeal ideally by the end of August


Do you give updates or feedback?

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we are not able to provide feedback or updates on your application. We will contact you if you are successful


If we are not successful one year can we reapply the following year?

Yes, of course


Are your donations a “one off” or do you commit to a number of years funding?

We will only very rarely give a commitment to continued funding.  In general, receiving a donation from us does not indicate that you will necessarily benefit in following years.

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